Petition Forms

To begin our journey to Washington we have to get petition signatures. We have to have 128,638 petition signatures in order to make a run for the Senate in 2018.  Please print these forms out and mail them in. Print one for yourself, for your family members, and for your friends! We can NOT have too many! We will make this goal, and we will bring your voice to Washington, but we need YOUR help to get us there!  Thank you, in advance, for your support!!

Petition Signature Form (English) Formulario de Firma de Petición (Español)
English Espanol
PDF form to be printed out and mailed in Formulario PDF impreso y enviado por correo


There are no on-line petitions. All petitions must be signed by the person completing the form. Signatures must and will be verified by the various County Election Officials when the campaign submits them for qualification.

Please mail your completed petition today to:

Janowski for Senate Campaign

PO Box 62603

Fort Myers, FL 33906