a man of integrity, drive, morality, and leadership…………….

I have known Ed Janowski well for 15 years. I am a cynic and judge most people against a high standard. Edward measures up as a man of integrity, drive, morality, and leadership. He motivates those around him to be the best person possible, working with them at their levels to reach higher, push harder, go farther and achieve. My observations of his character, insight, and perspectives lead me to believe he would represent his constituents with a high level of integrity, listening to their concerns and seeking out solutions that benefit the most people most of the time. The people of Florida have a rare opportunity for real change in this election!

Melinda Mericke of Oliver Springs, TN


has a history of helping others………

In August 2016 while in Florida for my fathers funeral, my niece asked me why my brother Ed didn’t have a place of his own to live, why did he live out of his semi truck? My response to this was a very proud and honest answer. I told her that my brother has always put others first and if he sees someone in need he is ready and willing to help out. He has always shown his neighbor compassion and would go without in order to help. Therefore he is willing to live a life with little means so he is able to help others.
I believe that this is a great mindset to have in a Senator. Someone who has a history of helping others. ACTIONS NOT JUST WORDS! I feel that he would do a great job for you and that he will listen to your concerns, and will do all that is possible to be able to get the results in favor of the people.

Elizabeth Korth of Dows, IA