Policies, Positions, and Proposals

As you have already read in my opening statement, I’m not your typical Senatorial candidate. I am just a bit unconventional when it comes to politics and my solutions to the problems facing the citizens of Florida and the United States. I wont be making any pretentious claims about my qualifications. According to the experts, I have none and according to their standards; They might be right. However, we’ve just witnessed all the experts and their opinions completely miss the mark in the recent Presidential election. So I guess, they don’t know as much as they think they do.

Normally, a candidate will publish a long list of policies and proposals that they have had carefully researched in order to influence specific demographic groups. They do this in order to gain favor and popularity that will normally translate into votes on election day. There are a few issues that I will make statements on, both now and as the campaign progresses. However, my campaign will not, now or in the future, ever target a specific demographic for a popularity gain with the majority. I fully expect some of the things I have to say and the positions I take on certain issues to be unpopular with a few voters, the experts, career politicians, and the media. I’m gambling on you, the voter, to no longer be fooled by these common practices that have dominated our elections for far too long.