Health Care

Drug Issues

First we need to end the Federal restrictions on marijuana and hemp. Especially in the cases of medical marijuana for the treatment of PTSD in our veterans, numerous cancers, HIV/AIDS, and a list of other chronic diseases. There has been plenty of research over the decades that prove the benefits of these plants.

The pharmaceutical industry has spent billions of dollars to block this research and the development of herbal and natural remedies. Simply because they can’t make a profit from it. Plant based and natural medications can not be patented and the price artificially inflated as has been seen with the Epipen injector and Truvada.

Now I truly believe in capitalism and a free market society, however, Doctors take an oath to do no harm. Shouldn’t the designers and creators of these drugs and medications be held to the same sort of oath? After all, they are SUPPOSED to be finding ways to assist the Doctors to cure the patient. Pharmaceutical companies know that patients that are cured are no longer a source of income or profit. So, they continually and purposefully fall short of releasing a true cure. Instead they register Pharmaceutical patents to block competition and radically inflate drug medication costs in the name of profit. How does it feel to know your life and health are for sale?

These companies learned some time ago that they could prey on a patients and families suffering. Campaigning that they “might” have a drug that could help ease the pain and suffering. Blaming the FDA for blocking the release of the miracle cure. Under legal pressure from lobbyists, the FDA loosened its regulations on testing just enough that we now we see the result almost daily. Television commercials for some new drug that could possibly help with your discomfort, but a list of side effects that might actually be worse. Not to forget the numerous commercials for class action lawsuits from the release and sale of drugs with incomplete or inconclusive FDA testing. Both Pharmaceutical and Insurance companies have learned it is far more profitable to settle a lawsuit that it is protect you.


Veterans, Law Enforcement, EMS and Firefighters

Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, EMS, Firefighters and Law Enforcement personnel have all taken an oath to protect and serve the people of this great nation from all sorts of dangers. Everyday they put their lives on the line so you can go about your normal existence without too many concerns. As a country, we do NOT do nearly enough to show our appreciation for these amazing men and women. No other group of people sacrifice as much as they do.

If we can convince Congress and the President to adopt both a better tax plan and federal budget, we should include a provision that grants free medical benefits to combat veterans that were wounded during hostile actions as well as to EMS workers, firefighters and law enforcement officers that received injuries in the performance of their duties.