Your Questions, My Answers

Name: Del Highfield

Date: February 14, 2018 at 8:02 pm

Comment: All you offer so far is simple run of the mill rhetoric. Can’t think of a single politician I ever heard or met who didn’t say the same things. While I like the idea of not having another lawyer elected to anything, I see no reason to support you unless you speak to issues of importance to the constituency.

What do you propose? Are your positions (if any) related to personal religious beliefs? Do you support separation of church and state? Do you support Universal Health Care? Do you support the NRA? Do you support private ownership of assault weapons? Do you support a free press? Do you support DACA or some form of it? Do you support homosexual marriage? Do you support transexuals in the military? Do you support the Paris Climate Accords? Do you support Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel? Do you support an independent Palestinian state? Do you support FISA? Do you support gerrymandering of Florida’s voting districts to guarantee one political party dominates Florida? etc. etc. etc.

If you are a regular Joe who is ready to face tough issues you must be able to address your stance on these and a myriad of other issues. Until you can do this, please don’t ask me for my vote

Dear Mr. Highfield,

First let me Thank You for your letter. Although the flavor of it seems angry or perhaps frustrated I will address a few things of note. To be quite honest, you haven’t done your research when it comes to me or my campaign and have made some rather large presumptions. The most basic of which is that I am not going to ask you for your vote. I am going to ask you to use your vote to further our Nation and protect our Constitutional rights (Which is the purpose behind my candidacy.) not to promote a certain person or political partys agenda. Politicians say a lot of things, mostly million dollar promises to those lobbyists, corporations and special interest groups that fund their multi-million dollar campaign machines. At least you picked up on the fact that I am not another tailored and groomed lawyer destined for a great political career. I am a blue-collar working man running for a political office. I have no ambitions to continually move up the political ladder. Perhaps if you actually visit my website and read my thoughts that I left there, you might understand me better.

I wish you a good day Sir and I hope that eventually you will see that I am not spouting any kind of rhetoric at all. I do have opinions, but my opinions are mine. As a Senator, my job would be to express your opinions as well as those of the other 2.6 million residents of Florida before my own.

Edward Janowski

Name: Douglas C Durrenberger

Date: December 27, 2017 at 8:37am

Comment: Greetings Lateresa,
I am interested to know your position on net neutrality. Do you support the 2015 protections or the recent FCC repeal of those protections?

Thank you,


Mr. Durrenberger,

Even though your email was directed towards Ms. L.A. Jones, I will also offer my opinion on this issue.

Net Neutrality is one of those trigger issues designed to get the public worked up into an unnecessary frenzy and divided for reasons that do nothing to enhance the public good. The public access of the internet that we are all familiar with has worked, for the most part, just fine before the 2015 Net Neutrality Regulations and will continue to do so after the repeal. The regulations did nothing to prevent Internet Companies from adjusting speeds and inhibiting access to their servers or networks before or after 2015. The regulations themselves were more beneficial to those larger corporations than to the general public, allowing them to divide the country up into sections that they could control and capitalize from. Something that they did quite well, all while operating under those regulations that were supposed to protect the public.

We, as a people and a nation, need to regain control of our country and our government. We can no longer afford to allow career politicians, corporations, special interests groups, and the administrative bureau’s within our government to do as they wish and hide it under the disguise of public interest. Only to fatten the wallets of those that pay in order to increase their influence on the daily lives of the American people.

We do need laws and regulations in order to keep an ordered society, however, those rules and regulations should be created by a government filled by the representatives of the people as decided by the people. Not by the select few who believe they are entitled to make those decisions for all of us.

Thank you,

Edward Janowski


Name: Dyana

Date: November 10, 2017 at 1:42 am

Comment: Our water! iI keep in touch with the Miami Water Keeper I’m concerned of the fluoride and radioactive pollution in our water Also and very important as a Miami Beach resident We need to keep our residential area’s better able to be walkable! The taxi cabs can be brutal on us walkers even in our cross walks they take our right of way and lay on the horn as they barrel through

Dear Dyana,

Second only to the air we breath is the water of our planet. As I do not have any corporate sponsors, such as FPL, I am not supportive of plans that allows the dumping, storing or possible introduction of toxic elements into our environment. There are just too many things that can and have gone wrong, as we have seen as recently as last year.

I wish I could say definitively that I would be able to do anything about bad cab drivers as your Senator, as that is something typically handled on a local level. However, I would certainly talk with your local officials about the problem and assist in whatever way I am allowed to.


Edward Janowski



Name: Stacey Hendrix

Date: November 9, 2017 at 10:56 am

Comment: Illegal Immigration should be our number one priority. Keeping our country safe is a must.

Dear Ms. Hendrix,

The safety and security of the United States of America has always been a driving force in my life since my early childhood. Inspired by the Founding Fathers and the heroes of the Revolution, I swore an oath in August of 1980 to uphold and defend our Constitution. To this date, I have never been relieved of that oath.

Unrestricted, unregulated, and uncontrolled immigration is one of the most understated and dangerous ways to undermine the sovereignty of a nation. I am not without compassion when it comes to the oppressed people beyond our borders. However, EVERY country in the world has a process for immigration and some have VERY severe penalties for those that break those laws. Compassion should never overrun common sense.


Edward Janowski

Name: Liz DaCosta
Date: November 6, 2017 at 1:37 pm
Comment: I think we should keep our promises like we are suppose to sir.
Dear Ms. DaCosta,

I wholeheartedly agree.

After I made my announcement to run for the Senate, a very dear friend of mine told me that I didnt have a chance of winning. Because I was too honest to be a politician. 

Name: Joseph A Wendt
Date: April 29, 2017 at 1:37 am
Comment: Would you consider running as a Libertarian?
Mr. Wendt is the current Libertarian candidate and I’m not exactly sure why he was asking me this question. Perhaps he was wanting a primary contest. I did tell him I would consider the possibility, but did turn down the offer to join the Party as becoming a member of any political party was in conflict with my views and wishes for the American people and the citizens of Florida.


Name: Richard Dembinsky

Date: May 05, 2017 at 5:55pm

Comment: Please tell me why YOU want to be U.S. Senator? Keep the Country out of the Ditch???

Report has it that YOU are a professional truck driver and know how to control the heavy loads…like the USA budget….

Nevertheless, today I am negative…because how in the hell are you going to be old man Nelson (D)…he seems to be able to find money under every rock.

My other friends are also attempting to be the Next U.S.Senator from Florida…while …I am only hopeful …L.A. Jones can win the primary I just don’t see how $10,440 spending to be a republican or democrat helps any challenger.
So I recommend.(it is a free country)….that YOU save YOUR $10,440 and run for another office but be careful because the Division of Elections has heavy fines.
I will be going to our summer home for 5 months in Tecumseh Michigan…so I may not have internet…but was hoping to chat with you…
Please take my advice….avoid running for office unless you have $10,440 to invest….with little chance.
Marco Rubio…did next to nothing ..but he is advancing….
Maybe YOU could promise to eliminate FICO and then I would vote for you.
Mr. Dembinsky,

Thank you for your email. As an introduction let me say that, I am Edward Janowski and I am running for the United States Senate as a non-party candidate in 2018 to represent the State of Florida. Like most voters, I have grown disillusioned with Party politics and career politicians. So after many years of contemplation, I decided that this year and this election cycle I would offer the voters of Florida something completely different. A working man to represent them and truly bring their voice to the Senate Chamber. I am unique in that I do not look at the problems facing our state or our country from a politicians perspective, but from the viewpoint of the working men and women who have to deal with such problems face to face, every day. I solve problems simply and realistically, without over complicating the solution in order to hide a personal or corporate agenda. I’m not looking to be Senator to become a rich man, but to help my fellow Floridians.

Unlike all the other candidates vying for the Senators seat, I am not interested in buying my way into the election or raising huge sums of money to unleash an advertising assault onto the voters of Florida. I am working as the peoples’ candidate, meeting them, and collecting the 128,638 signatures necessary to have my name placed on the ballot. A task that no other candidate has been able to accomplish in recent history. I may never meet the entire 128,638 in person, but that isn’t stopping me from trying.

While I choose to remain a non-party candidate, I am not above asking for assistance in my campaign against Senator Nelson and the other candidates. I would, however, be humbled if you chose to endorse my campaign and bring your resources and volunteers to my aid. It is my wish that we work together to bring the peoples’ voice back to Washington DC as a replacement to partisan voices that have echoed there for far too long. Together we would and could change the course of history, if you were to assist me in this undertaking and I hope that you will.

As for FICO, I have seen that “institution” ruin the lives of a LOT of good people and would love to see it dismantled. Perhaps even include it in a banking reform, which I think is also needed.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Edward Janowski


Date: April 27, 2017 at 4:58 pm

Comment: I would like to see more investment in the military to make careers for those people who join. I know there can be training in all areas manufacture, electronics, technical and data development in addition to defense. This would be a great place for many folks leaving high school to go into a terrific career.

Thank You Mrs. Wagoner,

As a veteran and having a great many friends that are veterans, the military and VA both have a special level of importance for me. If I am elected, one of my primary objectives as your Senator will be to establish a new tax system that will support a sensible budget as shown on this website. Both would be less complex and without all the special interest loopholes that consistently plague our economy and prevent working class people from improving their lives. This would both create and free up a significant amount of tax revenue that could be used In expanding career opportunities in the military, increasing benefits to our veterans, investing in infrastructure projects that would create massive amounts of good paying jobs for millions of people.

One of the biggest challenges our military faces is retaining the men and women that have been so thoroughly trained and skilled in those areas you mentioned. The private sector has developed a very successful recruitment routine to lure “short-time” personnel  away from what could be a long and fulfilling military career. It will always be a challenge for the military to compete against the private sector and their golden promises, but if we can return to honest capitalism and fiscal responsibility it will be less of a challenge. 


Edward Janowski

Name: Nathaniel Corey

Date: February 8, 2017 at 11:12 pm

Comment: Hello Mr Janowski,

I am happy to hear you are running for senate yet I would love to hear your views on the following issues.

Family law reform as current family law violates many inalienable rights and constitutional rights and currently makes fit parents no more than visitors in a childs life when the other parent is the non custodial as well as promotes a master slave relationship under the guise of child support which in turn leads to the recreation of the debtors prison hidden under the guise of non payment of child support for those who can’t pay.

Removing Title 4d funding from family law and child support incentives.
Which promotes inequality in family law due to state funds being generated through this as well as judges getting up to 5% in kickbacks for the duration on judgements in which a child support ruling is issued. As well as promotes ones sided rulings and reduced time sharing to maximize state funding.

How would you address the issue of parents who are trying to be involved in their children’s lives and deemed fit yet are limited due to red tape from courts under the guise of the best interest of the children ” isn’t best interest of the children is to have both parents readily available not limited to one or the other for profit or gain?”

What are your views about parents who exhibit parental alination tactics how would you hold these parents accountable for their actions after all parental alination is a form of child abuse and child abuse is a felony but this particular one is overlooked due to it being surrounded in family law and title 4d funding.

Thank you for your time

Dear Mr. Corey

As I understand, there is currently a movement to have Title 4 d funding removed from the federal budget. The amount of evidence that has been submitted for review concerning allegations of corruption and the misappropriation of funds at all levels of every state government seems to be quite substantial. If elected as your Senator I would certainly support its permanent removal from the budget.

I have always been a strong believer in the nuclear family, two parents and the children. Every child should have both parents equally active and involved in their lives. Naturally, if one parent is a danger to the safety and well being of the child or other parent that individual should be removed from the situation. However, that doesn’t negate their responsibility to the child or the other parent. Child support and alimony are both handled at the state and or local level, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a huge amount of room for a lot improvement. Even with that said, we need to remove most, if not all of these invasive governmental management programs from the family unit and let Americans live their lives.

This seems to be a personally passionate subject for you, and you have my sympathies as you deal with the situation. While I would not be able to address this problem directly as your Senator, I believe that many of the changes I wish to bring to Washington D.C. will have a positive effect that could help you resolve this challenge.


Edward Janowski